About Our Medicinals

Beyond Organic

While Moontime Medicinals was born in the spirit of freedom and fun, we are serious and obsessive about sustainability.  

Our founder, Nate, is a midwesterner who was raised with simple values: Make the most of what you have, waste little, want not, and love and respect the earth beneath your feet.

Those same values are the root of Moontime Medicinals. They permeate everything we grow and produce. Nate describes his farming techniques as ‘beyond organic.’ Moontime is always looking for ways to give back to the earth more then they take away.  

Moontime's goal for each grow is find new ways to remove as much human intervention as possible during the growing process. Our objective is to allow every cannabis plant to grow to be exactly the way mother nature intended. Each plant is loved and nourished in soil teeming with life, soaking up the goodness of the vibrant and unique micro culture found in the warm California sunshine and fertile soil in Humboldt County. We want each plant to vibrate with life, purity, color, and flavor. If it doesn’t, it is not a Moontime Medicinal.


We are so committed to the goal of purity that we took a pledge.