Meet the Moontime Team

We are a family farm growing on our own homestead.
Moontime is proud to represent the values of heritage farmers in the Emerald Triangle.

Left to Right: April, Nate, Little Logan, and Joe

Left to Right: April, Nate, Little Logan, and Joe

Meet the people that work day in and day out to provide you with the purest cannabis medicine. 
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The Journey that Led to Moontime Medicinals

It was 2005. Nate Chevalier was seemingly content climbing the corporate ladder running a coffee shop in San Fransisco, making decent bank and living it up in the Golden City.

But everything changed as one late night of fun turned into a painful early morning...   

Nate went out partying late with some SpreadHead friends that were visiting from out of town. As Nate and his friends were in a cab heading home, Nate was flooded with the frustration and dread of a man who knew he had to get up early to froth milk and shill coffee for ‘the man.’ 

As he was leaving for work that morning, tired and miserable, he glanced at his longtime friend Joe who was still snoozing blissfully on the couch. Joe had chosen a different path than the one Nate was on. Joe's stories about farming, working with the plants, living so close to nature were all experiences that spoke deeply to Nate. Joe had left the noise and the bustle of city life behind for something much more meaningful. In that instant, something inside Nate shifted. Nate was done with the corporate life. He knew it was time to do something different.

That moment marked the end of a dissatisfied life and the beginning of something much bigger. It was the beginning of Moontime Medicinals. It began, as a loud inner cry for freedom. Through much effort and passion, the dream of Moontime grew into a small grow operation. Nate hung up his green apron and exchanged it for a green thumb. And the dream of Moontime continues to grow.

Moontime Medicinals Farm

Eventually Moontime became big enough to buy a beautiful piece of farmland in Humboldt County in the South fork of the Eel River Watershed.

As for Joe... Nate's friend who inspired such a huge shift in career and life?  He is Nate’s right hand man on the farm. They work side-by-side, growing and curing the world purest bud, and doing it among some of the most breathtaking scenery on the planet.


And the name of the company, Moontime Medicinals? That’s a SpreadHead thing too.  The word “moontime” comes directly from Widespread Panic’s, “The Porch Song.” 

Havin' a good time, here today
Watching the sun shine, matinee
Never the wrong time, time we stay
Living the moontime, time we play.

And it nicely sums up how Nate and the team at Moontime Medicinals approach life.

The Journey Continues

Are you ready to live the Moontime? Cool! 

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