Get the Most from Moontime

Aromatic, Potent, Pure


The Best Ways to Store Moontime Product

Storing your Moontime medicinals properly can mean the difference
between your flower or concentrates lasting a couple of weeks vs. several months to year.  


Store Your Flower

It's best to store flower whole in its original packaging. Store it in a cool, dry place. Protect it from light and extreme heat or cold.

Wait to grind your bud until you're ready to use it. The more intact the flower when stored, the longer it will last.  

Your cannabis will dry out and become powdery if it is left out or stored after that it begins to lose it’s potency, flavor, and color. This will result in a harsher taste and uneven burn.


Store Your Concentrates

Moontime concentrates are usually best stored in the package you purchased them in. It is also ok to store wax, shatter, or resin in small glass or stainless steel containers. 

It's even better if you break up your concentrate into doses and fold into small pieces of parchment paper in a air-tight glass mason jar. Like storing your flower, cool, dry, and dark places are best.


Using Moontime Medicinals

Moontime medicinals are cured to achieve an even burning, buttery smooth, and flavorful smoke
that is best experienced in a joint, vaporizer, or your favorite glass.

Grind Moontime Flower


To grind your flower use an herb grinder or place your buds in a cup and cut them up with scissors. Many people use their hands, but this will decrease the potency of your weed because a higher percentage of trichomes and plant resin will stick to your fingers than to scissors or the teeth of your grinder. 



We recommend you ground your buds medium-fine consistency and roll it tightly in an organic hemp rolling paper.

If you're new to rolling joints, try your hand at cone papers or an inexpensive joint rolling machine.  



As long as it is stored properly, you will also enjoy using your Moontime medicine in any sort of pipe, water pipe, or a non-combustible vaporizer.

Don’t pack your pipe or vaporizer bowls too tightly, instead light pack them with ground bud to allow air to flow through easily for an even burn or vape.


Any of these methods will help to maximize your enjoyment both from a taste perspective and a potency perspective. Because Moontime medicine is grown to be pure and organic, each strain that comes from our farm is rich with terpenes that work with the cannabinoids in the cannabis to produce a variety of psychoactive effects. The terpenes themselves provide additional medical and health properties.  Get the basics on terpenes and what they can do for you.

Moontime Medicinals are Supposed to Be Fun, But Use Them Responsibly


Moontimers live free and in the moment, but also respect themselves, others, and the environment. So when you use Moontime medicinals, we would be sad if you didn’t have a blast. But we would be even more heartbroken if you used our medicine irresponsibly. Or if you used too much and had a bad cannabis experience. We respectfully request that you...

  • Don’t dose and drive.
  • Keep your medicine out of reach of children.
  • Dose yourself slowly so you don’t get to place where you are not enjoying your high.
  • Follow all local rules and regulations regarding cannabis use.  
  • Enjoy your Moontime.

Cannabis is safe, but it can be abused. Don’t be that person. Learn what it means to be a Moontimer.

Also check out or available strains and where to buy Moontime Medicinals.