Living the Moontime

What it means to use Moontime Medicinals

When you smoke or vape Moontime Medicinal bud or use one of our concentrate products,
we want you to have a pure and powerful experience. 

Moontime Medicinals Flower
Enjoy Moontime Medicinals Flower

The Moontime Difference

While almost every marijuana enthusiast will enjoy Moontime cannabis, it is not for every marijuana user. If you are looking for the highest THC percentage for the fewest dollars—you can find that anywhere. That is not our focus at Moontime.

Instead, Moontime offers a more robust experience. Our high THC strains offer more than just a potent high. You'll also enjoy a pure and clean experience that gives you a delicious and delightful experience, potent health benefits, and the knowledge that your organic bud was grown in cooperation with nature instead of stolen from it.  

How do you know if Moontime is Right for You?


If you care deeply about...

If you agree with any of the above, it's likely you are a natural Moontimer, willing to pay a bit more to get a lot more, because the cannabis you consume means more than just getting high on cheaper, lower quality mids.  

Moontime is for those that want to have their cannabis and smoke it too.

So the next time you decide to take some Moontime for yourself, and shoot yourself to the moon, please have fun. And lots of it! (Responsibly of course.)

But also take a moment to enjoy the other benefits of Moontime—especially the fact that the purest cannabis is the best cannabis.  Savor the assurance that your Moontime flower was grown organically with love, always giving back more to the earth then we took from her.

It’s cannabis as nature intended.

Enjoy Moontime Medicinals Cannabis