The Moontime Medicinals “Beyond Organic” Growing Process

Because How Your Medicine is Grown Matters

When farming cannabis, or any other crop, farmers make choices. At Moontime, the choices we make when growing your medicine are founded in two deeply rooted values:

  1. To grow pure plants that are free of synthetic pesticides and inputs
  2. And to employ sustainable farming. It’s our pledge.
Moontime Medicinals Growing Process

In Love with Nature

Our farm in Humboldt county on the South Fork of the Eel River watershed provides the ideal microclimate to grow pure, flavorful, and potent flower. And our farming processes are designed to cooperate with nature, not steal from it.


It all starts with a seed or clone

We first cherry-pick our seeds (we like the dark and tiger striped seeds best), and place then in water to pop them. We then add those seedlings to living soil. Our clones are cut from select plants and also placed into living soil. (More on living soil in bit.)


Upward and onward

As the plants grow we transfer them to larger pots. Each strain we grow requires slightly different growing conditions its bring its flower to their fullest, vibrant best. Certain strains are best sun-grown. Other strains flourish in greenhouses where their UV exposure can be better controlled to achieve the denser, frostier buds with a high THC percentage and maximum terpenes.


Harvest, Cure, Trim

After being hand-harvested, each cola is hung and cured on the branch. This allows nutrients stored in the branch to continue to nourish the flower as it dries. Our curing process produces buds that are spongy and sticky, yet dry enough to produce a smooth and tasty smoke. Only after being cured to perfection, we hand-trim each bud to ensure you get a perfect flower.


The Circle of Life - The Power of Living Soil

Healthy, thriving soil is the foundation of Moontime Medicinals. 

cover crops for living soil
living soil moontime medicinals
cannabis sprouts in living soil

Moontime soil is nurtured with different composts, guano, fish meal, worm castings, and other organic sources. Our soil is nurtured to encourage healthy living microbe communities and probiotic fungal systems that provide each plant with an abundance of nutrients and minerals—exactly the way nature intended.

The result is cannabis that is pure, potent, and dancing with color. The rich, healthy terpenes offer a ridiculously flavorful and smooth experience.


This work to cultivate living soil takes time, effort, and sweat. And a lot of it! This means that not all farms (especially profit-hungry corporate farms) will not invest the time and money to farm with this much care. This is unfortunate, because farming with living soil replenishes the soil instead of robbing it of its minerals and nutrients after each harvest.

Living soil is sustainable because it creates a circle of life. In contrast, modern mass farming methods are a direct path to soil stripped of life that requires cheap and easy chemical fertilizers and pesticides to grow a crop that often results in a inferior, chemical-laden product.

What’s best for cannabis plant to flourish, is also what is best for nature.

Nate and his team are obsessive about sustainability. The Moontime team employs several ancient farming techniques along with cutting edge methods to reduce waste and protect the environment.


Moontime’s closed-loop farming system allows us to take less from the Eel River watershed, protecting the environment. Other farming techniques like huglekultur berms (no-dig raised beds that hold moisture and build fertility) companion non-cannabis plants alongside cannabis.

These methods replace the need for synthetic fertilizers and pesticides, and allow us to naturally control garden pests, manage nitrogen levels organically.

The farming techniques that will grow pure and vigorous cannabis plants are also good for mother earth. Who would have thought?

Check out our available strains, or learn more about Moontime Medicinals.