The Moontime Purity Pledge

Our Promise to You


Moontime Medicinals pledges…

  • Your medicine will be pure, flavorful, and potent with natural terpenes.
  • Your medicine will always be grown in cooperation with nature, never stolen from nature.
  • Your medicine will never be touched by synthetic chemical pesticides or other synthetic inputs.
  • Your medicine will be grown in living soil so it is nourished purely by life itself, not by man made chemicals.
  • Your medicine will be grown with love on our family farm in Humboldt County.
  • Your medicine will be what nature intended it to be, not what some corporate profit monger needs to increase quarterly profits.
  • Your medicine will take you as high as the moon.


 A personal note from our founder Nate Chevalier…

Dear Cannabis Connoisseur, 

Those who know call me a perfectionist, and I have to admit that I am guilty as charged.

I also believe that nature is perfect just as she is.

That is why my passion as a farmer is purity and sustainability.

I believe it’s my job to plant and then get out of the way so that mother nature can do exactly what she wants to do. Only intervening when the weather is a little nasty, or when pests are taking a little too much from the plants. 

And then when intervening, I believe in only using natural techniques that don’t get in the way of her work or introduce any artificial impurities to her natural processes.

I believe the best cannabis is the purest cannabis. It has the deepest colors, the cleanest taste, gives the purest high, and provides the most potent health benefits.

And I want you to have that pure experience every time you take a hit of Moontime medicinals.

It is why we take this pledge.

It is why we use ancient and cutting edge sustainable farming techniques, to ensure that mother nature is always at her best so our next grow is just as pure, and the next, and the next.  Always leaving her more than what we take from her.  You see, it turns out what it takes to grow clean and pure cannabis is also what is best for the earth. 

That is my idea of perfection.

… and if it is yours, I think you will love what we grow, as much as we love growing it.

But that might be difficult, because I am the luckiest guy on earth. :-)

May my luck be yours,

Nate Chevalier