Your "Beyond Organic" Cannabis Farm 

Expertly Greenhouse-Grown in the California Sunshine


Taking a puff of Moontime flower or concentrate is like taking a puff of unadulterated, earthy goodness.

  • No synthetic pesticides or inputs.

  • No shortcuts.

  • No waste.

Just pure, natural, beyond organic cannabis. Cannabis that will give you a good, clean, tasty, and potent high. Cannabis that will shoot you to moon.

It’s cannabis the way mother nature intended. 

 Grown with Love in Humboldt County

In the lush South Fork of the Eel River watershed, where ocean climate meets inland climate, pure and organic cannabis plants can thrive and grow to be the finest mother nature has to offer.


Our plants are grown on the same rich soil within a few miles of the largest grove of old redwoods that have grown to be hundreds of feet tall and thousands of years old. There is a reason why this area is known as the land of the giants. 

Each bud of Moontime Medicinals is grown to meet rigorous sustainable organic standards so that your experience is wicked powerful and pure. High-quality genetics grown in our nutrient-rich soil yield flower that is vibrant with life, color, frost, and rich healthy terpenes that will blow your tastebuds away.


After finishing to perfection in the California sunshine, each plant is harvested, cured to sticky perfection, and hand-trimmed. When you learn about our growing process and our fanatical commitment to purity and sustainability, you'll never look at mid-grade bud the same way again. 

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